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About Us

Our love for fashion has taken us thus far.

CIO is an online store that officially opened on social media August 2018. We started with second-hand clothes selling to friends and relatives. Our taste in selecting the right styles and colors got to the heart of our friends and family, they all wanted to save their money and wait till CIO brings new arrivals. 

This of course encouraged us and we decided to expand, reaching out not just to friends and relatives but anyone that wanted a dress. And who doesn’t want a dress?

Moving on, we decided to introduce ‘New Wears’ which attracted a lot of people. Our taste for fashion attracted students, workers and even other entrepreneurs. We also stepped up not just selling on retails but providing wholesales.

Driving CIO’S Trends

CIO during this journey gained a skill and became an expertise in making bonnets. Our love for fashion has taken us thus far.

Our core value is to leave a lasting impression on our customers by providing quality and affordable wears. Promotions, discounts and giveaways are part of “CIO fun time” with customers. This excites and enables our customers get even more product at a very reduced rate and also maintains the relationship btw the company and the customers. Have you patronized CIO yet?

  • Unique 95% 95%
  • Comfort 76% 76%
  • Fashion 60% 60%
  • Trusted 90% 90%